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The Adult Comprehensive History

    A comprehensive history is necessary for professionals to make an accurate assessment of any problem. This screening form helps your mental health provider assess past and present family and relationship problems, educational issues, as well as work and financial difficulties. It assesses everyday stressors that may impact daily life and the important emotional and spiritual supports available to the family or individual.

    A history of previous treatment for mental health problems and a list of past and present medications is helpful to your clinician, who needs to know what  treatments have or have not been beneficial. General health problems may affect your mental state and an extensive checklist is included.
    The family history is an extremely important section of the comprehensive history. We now know that depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, and drug and alcohol abuse are to some extent hereditary. In other words, they can be passed on from one generation to the next, much like diabetes or heart disease. This makes obtaining a good family history essential for appropriate mental health diagnosis and treatment. 
    If you are unsure about the presence of conditions like depression or drug and alcohol abuse in the family, talk to your relatives. Dig a little. While it may be hard for some relatives to discuss, it is important for your treatment. At the same time it may enable them to recognize a treatable mental health condition in themselves or another family member.
    People with mental health conditions may have legal problems. The legal history will help the treating clinician determine the severity of the problem and the effect the conditions have on your life.

The Adult Questionnaire

    These forms are very comprehensive. They will take time to download and complete. Some questions are asked several times. This is purposeful; please answer them accurately each time they come up.

    By completing the forms prior to a visit to a professional, you become part of the evaluation and treatment process. It will demonstrate to the clinician that you take your evaluation seriously and that you expect the same thoroughness in return.
    In providing this information up front, you not only ensure completeness, but may shorten the evaluation process allowing more time to have your questions answered about diagnosis and treatment options.

Special Note to Parents of an Adult Child

    Parents of adult children can be of great help to their child when they gather and record pertinent information for their child's health care provider.

    Parents should download and complete the "Child or Adolescent Forms" on this site. The Comprehensive History forms ask questions about early childhood difficulties, age of onset of symptoms, school problems, and previous mental health treatment. The Parent Questionnaire details the adult child's symptoms, both present and past. It provides the treating clinician a different perspective on symptoms the adult child may be experiencing or may have experienced in the past. These symptoms may be difficult for the adult child to recognize or verbalize.

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    "By completing the forms prior to a visit to a professional, you become part of the evaluation and treatment process."