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What is a screen?
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    A mental health screen is a set of questions that, when answered, may indicate the presence or absence of a particular mental health problem. A screen does not diagnose a mental health condition. There is no blood test or other diagnostic procedure to diagnose depression, bipolar disorder, or other mental illness.

    FREE Mental Health Screening is a group of assessment tools recording information a health professional needs to make a diagnosis and, if necessary, institute treatment. Answers to the questions in the screens on this site, especially when they are in the moderate to severe range, may point to a problem or problems. A diagnosis can only be made by qualified professionals after they obtain a comprehensive history of your mental health symptoms and other information.


    The screens have a dual purpose. First, they help you, the consumer, determine if there might be a problem. Second they give you a way of providing your health care professional with the needed information in an easily understandable and organized fomat. You don't have to go into an evaluation feeling unprepared and concerned that you may forget something that may influence your treatment.


    The information that you give your provider is the most critical part in making the proper diagnosis.

    In general the screens on this site follow the diagnostic guidelines approved by the American Psychiatric Association.


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"Screening tools do not diagnose health conditions."