FREE Mental Health Screening
How can this help?
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How can I help myself or my loved ones?
    The first step should always be to determine whether or not there a mental health condition is present. Is it just a passing difficulty, everyday stress, the bad day we all have or is it something that requires professional attention?
    Unfortunately many distressed individuals and families have nowhere to turn.
    FREE Mental Health Screening provides a starting point...a way for individuals and families to rigorously assess the problem or problems they are experiencing.
    It's simple. Download and complete the forms on our site and give the information to your health care provider. By gathering the information before your first visit, you immediately become a partner in the evaluation process. You help define the problem for yourself and your health care professional.
    Being an active participant on the health care team is essential to obtaining the best possible outcome.

It is important to note:
    When filling out the forms, you must be completely honest about the presence or absence of symptoms and their severity. Sometimes we like to present ourselves or our children in the best light, but this can cause problems. In order for professionals to do their job, they must have complete and accurate information. The information you provide is crucial to finding the solution. It's like everything in life, if you input bad information, you will get poor results. Guaranteed.

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"You, the consumer, immediately become a partner in the health care process."